Sheri Steeves, realtor with Dockside Realty on Pender Island
Sheri Steeves
#17-4301 Bedwell Harbour Road
Pender Island, BC, V0N 2M1
About Sheri

Quite unintentionally, during the dead of a cold Manitoba winter, Sheri met Pender online, and after a year of research and a short introductory visit, Sheri and her husband Paul, along with their 2 dogs, bought a home and moved here in 2014. 

"Pender is our home and heart; on a daily basis we feel so incredibly fortunate to live here! This beautiful island and the warm vibrancy of its entire community are nourishing beyond our wildest dreams".

Sheri comes to her career in Real Estate after spending 23 years in Information Technology traveling throughout Canada and the US, as well as bringing forward her experiences of successfully buying & selling properties in 2 countries, 3 states and 3 provinces.

Sheri's goals are to do everything in her power to ensure a similar outcome for all who are considering a move to Pender - and to make sure that when the time comes for you to become a Pender seller, your property here finds equally satisfied buyers.

As a fairly recent arrival to the island, Sheri can offer the benefit of her personal experiences into both the challenges of on-line house hunting, and into the myriad aspects of transitioning into this unique community once you've found your ideal home here.

Being a true professional, Sheri brings a well-honed, focused skill set and serious work ethic to her business. Expect the highest of attention, creativity and hard work as Sheri puts everything she is into everything she does. And like Pender, she's honest, relaxed and fun.

Being the passionate Real Estate aficionado/enthusiast/junkie she most surely is, she's always happy to talk Real Estate just for the joy of it, anywhere, anytime. Bring your dog along!

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