Pender Island

Pender Island Facts

Check out this video on Chek TV about Pender Island, the "Goldilocks" of the Gulf Islands! 

Area Information

As a popular holiday & recreation destination, Pender Island has approximately 2500 full-time residents with an additional 5000 part-time residents joining us in the summer months. The majority of Pender's population resides on North Pender, where the largest amount of services and amenities are located. South Pender is more rural with the exception of Bedwell Harbour, where there is a resort & marina.

Island Size:
Pender Island is 58.72km2 in size - that's 14,681 acres.  The island's highest point, Cramer Hill, is 266m above sea level.

Pender Island's shoreline is approximately 84km in length with over 38 public beach access points.

Located within the Georgia Straight, between the BC mainland and the east side of southern Vancouver Island, just north of the San Juan Islands, lay the Southern Gulf Islands, including North and South Pender Islands.


Pender Island has an average of over 2,000 sunshine hours each year. Boasting a mild sub-Mediterranean climate and pristine wilderness, Pender Island is great for a get away or a special place to call your home or for those of you looking to enjoy a year round active outdoor lifestyle.

The average annual rainfall on Pender is just 36 inches.  That's 26% less rain than Vancouver, which receives an average of 45.5 inches.  It is more rainfall than in Eastern Canada, but of course this statistic is influenced by the fact that during Winter it rains on Pender while it snows out East. If you find yourself missing the snow there are some of the world's best skiing resorts just hours away, including Whistler, home to the 2010 Winter Olympics.


One island or two?
North Pender and South Pender were originally one island connected by an isthmus. This is a site that was used by the Coast Salish First Nations for thousands of years, and has a rich history. A canal was dredged in 1902 to allow the steamship that served the islands a quicker, safer passage to Sidney on Vancouver Island. The two islands were later connected in 1955 by a one-lane bridge, which is still in use today.

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