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4 Benefits of Working with a New Realtor

When they first get here, many newcomers both seasonal and year-round wonder how to begin connecting with the local community.

Since opening our new office in Sidney BC, we've gotten to know the local business scene quite intimately. It's a warm and friendly business community, we know each other by face and name, and there's a 'shop local' climate that nurtures small business, both retail and service oriented. 

The Victoria Market broke the record with numbers of properties SOLD at 10,622 over only 9,241 in 2015.

Santa visits the Gulf Islands early, much to the delight of our Pender and Saturna Island kids!

Michael Vautour is our realtor on Saturna Island. He's been a resident of Saturna since 1999, he loves it there, and he is in turn much loved by the Saturna Island community.

Dockside Realty Update for November 2016

Joys of Winter on Pender Island

Victoria Real Estate Board Inventory is at an all-time low, with only 1900 properties listed, compared with 3200 for the same time last year.  There was only one more property SOLD in October 2016 than in October 2015.  Victoria is the Hot Market in Canada, along wit

Fall is upon us. It's a good time to look around at the land, see where the sun is falling and where the shadows lie. How far does the sun come up this time of year?