4 Benefits of Working with a New Realtor

4 Benefits of Working with a New Realtor

Every established super-selling realtor once started out as a brand new realtor: inexperienced, excited and keen to go. Somewhere early on in their careers as new real estate agents, a few buyers and sellers that weren't friends or family gave them a chance.

While experience is a valuable trait to look for in a real estate agent, counter-intuitively as it may sound, inexperience can also be a valuable trait. Here are some great reasons to work with a new real estate agent:

1) Fresh Out of the Books

New realtors are fresh out of the books, meaning they have just immersed themselves in extensive course materials they needed to study and test on in order to become licensed realtors. The rules and regulations of the real estate industry are constantly changing, a new realtor will have the latest information on industry standards and legalities to draw from. Some more experienced realtors aren't as interested in keeping up with the latest changes in industry standards, for some purchases and sales your best bet would be a realtor who has the most current legal and industry standards fresh in their minds.

2) Extra Brokerage/Agency Attention

When a new realtor signs on with a brokerage or agency there is a window of time where they usually receive extra support from the experienced realtors, brokers, advisors, and legal teams. The brokerage or agency the new realtor is working with wants to see them succeed and will help them with new listings or buyer situations . If you are listing with a new realtor, that listing will not only be carefully considered by the new realtor, it will be carefully considered by the broader team the new realtor is working with as they offer insight, and support. This is akin to having a whole team of realtors focusing on your listing or purchase and being invested as a group in the transaction working out well for you. This can mean much better service and consideration than one solitary and very busy realtor would offer.

3) Time & Devotion

We'd all like to think that the most successful and busy realtor will pay plenty of undivided attention to our listing or the property we hope to buy, either of which is of course very important to us when we're the client. But the reality is that once a realtor gets VERY busy, often they cannot look after countless listings without delegating some of the work to support staff and fellow realtors. When you work with a new realtor, chances are good that they have more time to devote to your listing or hunt for the perfect property: they are not yet in the position to pass tasks they don't have time for to others. Whether you're selling a property that is for whatever reason a harder sell or if perhaps you are looking to purchase property with quite specific criterion, a new realtor will often have much more time to devote to your needs than a very busy realtor would. It's in this regard where the pros and cons of an experienced realtor versus the enthusiastic new realtor even out: the new realtor has time to devote to their clients in a way an experienced and very busy realtor simply can't.

4) Fresh New Ideas

A new realtor comes into the business with fresh new ideas and an enthusiasm for trying them that is fresh and unbridled. If you want to work with a realtor who will be wide open to your ideas about marketing your property, a new realtor will most likely be thrilled to try out unique marketing approaches. Many newer realtors are savvy with new technologies as well, be they social media and other avenues of online marketing. If you believe your property warrants a unique marketing plan to stand out from the rest, a new realtor may have the fresh approach you're looking for. Similarly for buyers, experienced realtors who've worked in any particular region for a long time may have acquired biases against certain neighborhoods, types of properties or any other number of variables and not think to show you listings that you might be interested in if you were to see them. A new realtor is less likely to hold such biases. 

Choosing to Use a New Real Estate Agent might seem like a risky deal, but in actuality there are some real potential benefits too. The fact of the matter is that how much dedication a realtor puts towards your needs depends as much on the individual as it does their years of experience, or lack thereof. In many ways a new real estate agent that you connect with may bring extra time and a fresh approach to your matters,