August heat

Here we are at the beginning of August. It's been a spooky start, with the smoke from the interior fires lying low over the islands and water. It has resulted in stunning lighting throughout the day as the sun is filtered through the smoke, making for perfect instagram moments.  The sunsets and the moonrises have been dramatic, with the sun disappearing before it actually sets. 

It reminds us of how precarious this time of year is. A fire on Pender could be very dangerous and we are all on high alert for prevention and acting quick should a fire break out.  There is a lot of discussion about creating emergency bags should you have to evacuate your home quickly. Do you have one?

Aside from the smoke the heat is heavy, due to the lack of winds. It is the kind of heat that makes you want to jump into the ocean.

Let's enjoy this heat while it is here, have fun and stay safe, we know winter is coming.