Meet Suzi Jack - Our New Realtor In Victoria

Welcoming - Suzi Jack to Dockside Realty - VICTORIA

What inspires you most about working in Real Estate?

Real estate has been a passion of mine for years. I have bought, renovated and sold many houses over the years in different communities all over BC. There is nothing more exciting than finding that home, realizing its potential, then bringing the vision to life. I guess a good analogy is Artwork, you take a blank canvas, and you can create your own masterpiece. Each Artist brings his own creativity to the table, creating different works of art that is very personal. That's what real estate is, very personal and emotional.

You’ve worked in the Insurance Industry for many years. What relevant skills do you think carry over from that line of work to your new real estate career?

I have worked in the real estate industry for many years, whether it be providing real estate financing, or providing the insurance for both residential or commercial properties. I am a problem solver! I love helping people and finding solutions to their problems. Each person is unique and has different needs. Being a Broker, whether it be in lending, insurance or real estate, you are there to find the best solution/product/mortgage to suit your clients individual needs. I am really excited to be able to offer my clients my services offering a well rounded skill set within the real estate industry.

Why do you think Dockside Realty was the right team to join up with?

Dockside Realty was definitely a good choice for me entering my new career. First, Number 1 is Family. Not only is Dockside a family run business, the family actually extends to its real estate team. They are very team oriented, supportive, and care about everyone's success. I am excited to be part of that team and everyone has made me feel welcome and part of the family. I like Dockside's vision and values, and they strive to maintain that integrity throughout an ever-changing industry. After all, it isn't the size of the company that make it successful, it is the people in the company, and the relationships and integrity they maintain that make them successful.

What social causes or issues do you care about most? Do you do any volunteer or charity work?

A healthy community is important to me. With each community I have lived in, it has had different social issues or concerns they have to deal with. I get involved with what is important in the community I am living in, and what we can do to make a difference. I have been involved with many fundraising events through my employment with Coastal Community Credit Union. I am really proud to have worked with such a community minded and socially responsible financial institution.

What do you think people commonly misunderstand about realtors and the way the business works?

Realtors are professionals. Like any other profession, you will always hear of a few that don't have their clients best interests at heart, however, I believe our industry has done a good job in developing the regulatory bodies that monitor and maintain compliance to protect the integrity of our profession. I think of it like Quality Control. Our job is to guide our clients through the real estate process from start to finish making sure that the purchase or sale of their properties has been completed in a professional manner and the end result is that they are satisfied and happy.

Why should people consider moving to Victoria, BC?

Victoria is a beautiful city that is very diversified. It offers all the amenities of a larger city, while still maintaining pockets of communities that give you the small town feel with that quaint village atmosphere. You can live in town, and have that fast-paced lifestyle, or live 10 minutes out of town, and have a totally laid back vibe. I was born and raised in Victoria, but also had the opportunity to live in other areas of the province. I am so glad to be back home, and excited to be able to show clients all that Victoria has to offer.

Anything else, Suzi?

On a personal note, I guess you could say my values lie in family, home and community. It is not surprising that my most passionate hobbies include landscaping, gardening, and decorating and interior design.