The Pender Island Life for Kids

Pender Island Kids

What's an early childhood like on Pender Island?

These are only a few examples of what Pender Kids tend to do:

Pender kids have a freedom to be that is generally unheard of in larger cities. Pender kids play outside unattended, there is very little concern about 'stranger danger' and other fears more common in urban and suburban environments. 

Pender kids do things like gardening, kayaking, roasting marshmallows and wieners over bonfires. 

Pender Kids play baseball, music, disc golf, and spontaneous games on the many beaches morning, day, and night.

Pender kids take karate, dance, theater, music, sailing and  nature survival classes.

Pender kids know the police officers and firefighters on friendly terms by name.

Pender kids win places in Provincial science fairs and baseball tournaments 

Pender kids participate in a local film festivals, talent shows, summer camps, as well as soap box car and cardboard kayak races.

Pender kids grow up with fawns, eagles, whales, and other beautiful creatures as part of their regular scenery.

Pender kids get visited by Santa and his Santa ship.

Pender kids are a short ferry away from Victoria, BC for city activities and resources.

Pender kids grow up in a real community where they often socialize with people young and old at community events such as dances, live music events, public holiday celebrations, and neighborhood bonfire gatherings.

Pender kids go to a fantastic elementary school on the island that goes from Kindergarten to Grade 8, from there they take the water school bus to the high school on Salt Spring Island, The elementary school currently offers traditional schooling, a nature-based learning program and a homeschooling support program.

children on Pender Island

Most of the Dockside Realty staff have children they've raised on Pender. Talk to us anytime about what living on Pender Island is like for kids!