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This is a slow time of the year in a slower real estate market.

Evan Calvert and his wife Joanna were long time Penderites. For several decades, Evan would set up his magical train set for his family each year, adding to it and improving it along the way. It takes about 40 hours or more to put it together!

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winter on pender island

At the time of this writing we do most of our work with buyers and sellers on the Southern Gulf Islands which have quite definitive 'on' and 'off' seasons.

If you plan to put your house up for sale on the market you probably want to do what you can to prepare for that listing day. There are also things you can do to prepare for your meeting with your listing agent.

Whether you are thinking of buying or selling a home, you may be considering what renovations you can do to it that will increase the resale value of the home. Some renovations generate better returns on the dollar when resale time comes around than others.

With many changes happening in the Real Estate industry this year we expect 2018 to be an interesting one to predict and navigate. We have yet to see the full impact of the new federal Mortgage Stress Test in our markets, and there are changes to our industry in the works on a provincial level aimed at dual agency rules and customer protection.

Safety During Power Outages

2017 was a slower year overall for the Greater Victoria Regional District real estate markets, there were 15.8% fewer sales than in 2016.  With the multiple offer scenario diminishing, the market has moved from a seller’s market to a more balanced market between buyers and sellers.

Pender Island currently has an all record low inventory of 42 Properties and Saturna has 33.