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Port Washington is a sought-after Pender Island neighborhood that is centered around an idyllically pretty rural road of the same name, referred to by locals as 'Port Wash'

Pender Island Kids

What's an early childhood like on Pender Island?

These are only a few examples of what Pender Kids tend to do:

At the time of this writing the market in Sidney/Victoria is moving slightly slower than it was at this time during the year previously but it's still moving incredibly fast.

Wild Rose

There has been an increase in inventory on the Gulf Islands and the Victoria area.  Victoria saw a 12.2% increase from April 2017, but there is still a 21.2% decline from May 2016.  Victoria Sales are also down by 22% from May 2016; however this has not stopped the prices from rising th

Dockside Update: April 2017

Victoria, Number of Listings
April 30, 2017 - 1690 (down 34.8%)
April 30, 2016 - 2594
Benchmark Home Value: Victoria Core
2017 - $805,100 (up 17.5%)
2016 - $684,900

What do Realtors mean by 'Staging'?

You won't find any mega-churches on the Southern Gulf Islands, instead what you'll find are quaint and utterly charming little churches, picturesque and lovely to the eye. 

Happy Spring to you all!

Curb appeal is the first impression people get when they pass by your home. Curb appeal can make a real impact on the speed of a home sale as well as what buyers initially offer.